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Schmidt provides quantitative, qualitative and secondary research, as well as competitive intelligence studies.

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Industry Expertise

Schmidt provides market research services to clients who represent a diverse set of industries, with work that encompasses both business-to-business and consumer projects. Rather than focusing on narrow market niches, we specialize in creating studies that are customized to each new scenario we encounter – whether in an industry that we understand deeply, or in a totally new environment.

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  • “Four things come to mind: 1) We use Schmidt because of their integrity. We are convinced of their credibility and their belief in what they do. 2) We appreciate their flexibility and agility.  3) They tell us if an assignment is not right for them; it goes to their integrity. 4) They take the research a step further and make it actionable.”

  • “They’re nimble.  They can react, adapt, and adjust to our needs.  They’re proactive.  They bring us information and cause us to look at things in different ways.  They just keep pushing the bar in terms of how they interact with our clients.”

  • “They help us form very strategic points of view.  The research helps me craft messages for our management.  Schmidt goes above and beyond.”

  • “Schmidt’s research helps to create what our next step should be on different projects.  They’ve also helped us to hone in on things we should do internally.  For example, they’ve helped us to identify training areas for our sales people.”

  • “Schmidt gets to know you and your business and what problems you want to solve.  Their approach is very customized to what you want and what your particular issues are.  It’s not cookie-cutter.  They do an outstanding job.”

  • “I’m a line manager, and I don’t evaluate the market resources that we use.  If I did, I would choose Schmidt because of their commitment to deliver the objective.  They never lose sight of what they’re after, and they always meet or exceed the objective.”

  • “We chose Schmidt because of the attention, focus, and creative thinking that we’ve had from them in past studies. There’s an assuredness of resources within Schmidt that is not there with other suppliers.”

  • “Schmidt is the whole package.  With some vendors, you get great phone folks, but the analytics aren’t so hot.  Others have great analytics, but their interviewers can’t get what you need.  Schmidt is just the whole package.”

  • “The Schmidt interviewers adapt to the respondents. They make sure that the questions are understood.  When we do pretests and we bring the interviewers in for debriefing, they tell us like it is, and we’re able to make changes.  Many of the interviewers have been with Schmidt for so long, and they know how our business works.”

  • “Schmidt is the best I’ve seen in report preparation.  They are top-notch.  Their deliverables are very high quality and actionable. Their Client Profiles allowed our sales managers to develop score cards to compare employees with their peers and with the clients’ perceptions of their performance.”

  • “Schmidt is just a solid, go-to provider.  We have many ‘high-touch’ segments, with clients who are really important to our business.  We need someone who can represent our values, and we know that Schmidt will give our clients the utmost attention. “

  • “They bring lots of great ideas to the projects, and they challenge me to think of things in a different way.  They always bring things back to our true objective.”

  • “I appreciate Schmidt’s ability to understand the goals and objectives of our surveys and their willingness to understand our business.  Their work is very thorough and reflects strong business acumen.”

  • “Schmidt truly understands financial services and the ins and outs of the market, sometimes more than I do.  They are just so good at getting the hard to reach people.  I know they’re going to get what we’re looking for. Once, you have a great relationship like that, you want to continue.”

  • “Instead of simply reporting the data wave over wave, Schmidt demonstrated inquisitiveness and business savvy to push beyond surface-level insights to provide additional value-added perspectives (i.e., spend index, positioning insights, etc.).”

  • “The Schmidt team has a good knowledge of our industry.  We’ve had suppliers where that has not been the case.  Schmidt comes to the table with a lot of knowledge, and they know how to tweek it for special populations. “

  • “Schmidt is reliable and a great partner for me.  I know that any project with them will end up being something we can all be proud of.  Schmidt has helped our businesses focus and make improvements.”

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